… the smart tag for when your pet makes those not-so-smart choices.

… the smart tag for when your pet makes those not-so-smart choices.

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How the Smart Tag Gives You Peace of Mind

Your beloved pet wanders out of your yard.  You panic.  You grab your car keys to go search the neighborhood and try not to think of all of the worst case scenarios. But then you realize you have a Tucker Tag, and you get a little less stressed because you know that if someone finds the little stinker before you do, they will have all of the information they need.

Meanwhile, six blocks over, a woman walks out to check the mail and finds your furry loved one checking out the flowers in her garden.  She checks his tag, pulls out her phone, and scans the QR code.

She quickly learns that his name is Noodle and he has a habit of breaking out of the backyard.  She also learns that he has a seizure disorder that requires medication in the evenings and that he has a very worried Mom that lives a few neighborhoods over.

She uses the phone number in Noodle’s profile and sends you a quick text to let you know that she has him and where you can pick him up.  You let out a huge sigh of relief knowing that the two of you will soon be reunited.

In all seriousness, though…

when a pet goes missing, it is a stressful situation that completely takes over your life as you try to figure out the best way to find them.  You start worrying about where they went, if they’re safe, if they have somehow found themselves on a busy road.  If you have a traditional tag, you wonder if it’s updated with your most recent contact information.  Panic starts to set in.

With the smart tag,  you can take a deep breath and panic just a little bit less knowing that if someone scoops up your furry friend, they have your most recent contact information and all of the information (and more) that they could possibly need about your pet.

It’s never been easier to put all of their information on that itty-bitty tag around their neck.

And bonus, when you buy a tag for your pet, we donate a tag to an animal shelter or rescue to give to new owners when they come in to adopt their new friend.

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What is a Tucker Tag?

The Tucker Tag is a smart pet tag that is personalized on the front with your pet’s name and on the back with a QR code that links to your pet’s online profile.

How does the Tucker Tag work?

When someone finds your pet, there is a QR code on their tag that can be scanned to bring up your pet’s online profile.

What information is included in my pet's online profile?

We have made it so that there are many things you can add to your pet’s profile (including, but not limited to) – their name, age, breed, likes, dislikes, your contact information, their vet’s information… even a way to add an alert to catch people’s attention! We give you almost full control to what you decide to share (there are a couple of non-negotiables like your pet’s name and photo).

If you find there is something you would like to share on your pet’s profile that isn’t currently available, you can email us at support@tuckertag.com and we will add a section for you!.

How do I set up and create my pet’s online profile?

Once you have purchased your pet’s tag, you will receive a link to a registration page that will allow you to create your account and access your profile. Once you have access, it’s as easy as clicking “edit” and filling in the different sections! Don’t worry, we will also have a step-by-step guide if you need additional support.

Can I update or edit the information on my pet's online profile?

Absolutely! This is one of the reason’s we created the Tucker Tag. You can log into your pet’s profile at any time and make changes. (This is great if your contact information changes, your pet develops any kind of medical conditions, or you want to add an alert).

Are Tucker Tags waterproof and durable?

Tucker Tags are made from several different materials (depending on the option you choose). All are waterproof and created to be long-lasting. If you find yourself in an interesting situation (maybe your pet loses their color and their tag along with it, or is somehow able to chew up their tag), shoot us an email at support@tuckertag.com and we’ll see what we can do for you!

What type of animals can use a Tucker Tag?

Tucker Tags were originally created for cats and dogs, but if you have a pet that could benefit from a smart pet tag, shoot us an email at hello@tuckertag.com – we would love to create a profile/tag to help keep your pet safe too!

Is the information on my pet's online profile secure and private?

Short answer, no. If your pet’s profile were private, then it would defeat the purpose.

The information we require you to add about your pet it minimal, so you get to choose how much you share. However, we have blocked search engines from indexing your profile, so the only way someone should be able to access it is if you share it with them or if they scan the QR code on your pet’s tag.

Can multiple people access and view my pet's online profile using the Tucker Tag?

There is no limit to how many people can scan your pet’s QR code and access their online profile.

You (and anyone you share your login information with) are the only one who will have the required access to edit your pet’s online profile.

Can I track my pet with the Tucker Tag?

Your pet’s tag does not have a GPS built in for the safety of the person who might your pet.

As a woman who has been known to pick up the occasional furry wanderer, I would not be comfortable with someone being sent my exact location and would prefer to find a public place to meet up or at least make sure I’m not alone if returning a pet to their home. Your pet’s profile will include your phone number that can be pressed on a mobile phone to allow someone to call or text you, and if they decide to share their exact location, they can text it to you with Google Maps!

What if my question is not listed here?

Send us an email to hello@tuckertag.com and we will get you an answer!

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